August 27, 2016


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I am in school pursuing a degree in Environmental Design. What's that you may wonder? Beyond simply interior design, environmental design addresses your whole living or workplace environment-interior, exterior, landscaping- in the design process. On this blog I will be showcasing what I am learning and including links to people who are already doing it well outside of the classroom.

Like many people across the country I love HGTV's Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines. Not only are they just too cute together, they do amazing work! I have long been inspired by simple, farmhouse living, so much of their structural design style is exactly what I crave. I do draw the line at some of the staging and say Stop! Get rid of the old books that no one is ever going to read, probably has mold spores in the pages, and is just one more thing to dust! I understand the purpose of adding age to a space, and I love to read!, but the use of random old books just irritates me! Rant over. If you haven't had the joy of watching them in action, do your eyeballs a favor and go check them out.
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LOVE this

not so much
They are adorable

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